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    Set production, sales, technology, service in one of the hose clamp, clamp and hardware and accessories service provider."Concentration, concentration" is our consistent service concept, "quality as a guarantee, reputation for survival, science and technology to promote development" service purposes.
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   The company implements the modern production mode and management system, provides the customers with perfect technical consulting work, we are willing to provide complete products and close service for domestic and foreign customers.
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The company's products are strictly checked and screened by the manufacturer to provide you with good product guarantee. We hope to become your partner choice in the industry market with high-quality products.
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Tianjin Xinyuan Machinery Parts Factory

        Founded in 1998, Tianjin Xinyuan Machinery accessories factory is a domestic manufacturer of hose hoops. Our products are sold well all over the country for their superior quality and low price. They are the supporting products of more than 1000 manufacturers in the domestic automobile industry. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other places.        Our factory has established a young and upward quality management, scientific research team, development, production, testing equipment, good management system and annual production capacity of 80 million throat hoops (V-groove strength, T-spring strength, t-strength, British style, German style, American style, European style strength, tube bundle assembly series).        In recent years, in order to meet the different needs of users, the products are developing towards serialization and multi originalization, and the products are constantly updated. The quality and good service of all kinds of universal brand throat hoops and clamps produced by our factory create a satisfactory platform for customers. Product features: the universal brand hose clamp series is made of good steel, the manufacturing process is meticulous, the finished product has been strictly inspected, the quality is reliable, the anti rust force and fastening force are strong, and it is durable.        Product application: it is mainly used for the interface of oil, gas and liquid on various mechanical equipment such as aircraft, construction, automobile, tractor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, sprinkler, etc. it is a necessary machine fitting for fastening all kinds of hose interface.

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Application: British carbon steel hose hoop, British stainless steel hose hoop, red, green, blue paint head hose hoop. British style hose clamp features: thick wall pipe with pipe diameter more than 3
Generally, the horizontal main drainage pipe and the first floor outlet pipe should be A-type pipe, and the drainage riser and branch pipe should be W-shaped pipe. The advantage of this collocation is
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The company's main products: groove strong hose hoop, T-type spring strong hose hoop, T-type strong hose clamp, German hose clamp, American hose clamp, British hose clamp, handle type quick installation groove strong hose hoop, etc
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